21 Things You Might Not Know About Me: K9 Trace

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 | Submitted by Sgt. Nick Al-Moghrabi |

This week's 21 Things You Might Not Know About Me was submitted by K9 Trace from the Sawyer County Sheriff's Office. K9 Trace, however, proved to be subpar at typing, so his partner Sgt. Nick Al-Moghrabi was kind enough to transcribe. Make sure you follow K9 Trace (as well as K9 Oscar) on his Facebook page!

  1. I was born in Slovakia 1/6/12, flew across a big sea of blue, and landed in Chicago in March of 2013.
  2. I met my partner the day after I arrived here. It took some time, months of training and hotel stays but I learned to love him…..most days.
  3. I love my big sister Tessy. All I ever want to do is play with her and for almost five years she just growls and barks at me.
  4. Did you know Kongs come from Heaven? I do something good and all of a sudden a kong just drops from the sky. My partner sometimes doesn’t notice when I sneak it in the car.
  5. I have bad allergies and equally bad gas. Once my window broke and my partner couldn’t roll it down.  I sat back and passed some more gas.
  6. Twice a year when I make my handler look good at certification we stop for a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Then I get gassy again.
  7. During my patrol shift, I like to snack on pretzels and peanut butter crackers. Sometimes I share with my partner.
  8. I have 4 legs, you have 2. Let’s race.
  9. There is this guy I bite a lot but only in training, we call him Dennis the Decoy. He was my training partner but now he has K-9 Oscar. I don’t like this Oscar.
  10. There are two things I like to do with my time. 1. Go to work. 2. Bark at changes in the wind, clouds, bunnies, passing cars, or anything I deem bark-worthy.
  11. All my partner’s friends always say they only hear me on the radio. I don’t see the problem, I have a nice bark.
  12. I have a funny relationship with my mom, Deputy Al-Moghrabi (please don’t confuse her with my partner). For years she runs and hides and I find her and bite her. But at home, I’m a big momma’s boy and she scratches my belly.
  13. Earlier I said I don’t like K-9 Oscar. He is always saying I’m fat. I may be strong, bold, courageous, an expert in my field, but I have feelings. I’m not fat, just built big.
  14. Sometimes I eat my poop, just a little. Done it since day one. Don’t judge me.
  15. I am badge #37, my partner is #392. They didn’t train me in math but seems I come way before him.
  16. I like finding people, but I love finding drugs. Remember that.
  17. I am very friendly when I need to be. I once sat and let every little kid coming in from recess pet me who wanted to. I lost count, but it was a LOT of kids.
  18. There is this guy, let’s call him Deputy N.F. It’s been five years and I think he is finally comfortable around me. Those little kids at the school, they took 3 seconds to be comfortable. 
  19. I like climbing on the playground equipment at home and going down the slide. I am working up to the spiral slide.
  20. People ask why I’m named Trace. I guess there were two other dogs before me that my partner had that weren’t up to par. I win!
  21. My partner, Sgt. Nick Al-Moghrabi, as well as Deputy Dennis Nelson and K-9 Oscar want to thank the community for all the continued support of the K-9 program at the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department and invite you to check out Sawyer County K-9 LTD on Facebook for our updates. 

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