4th OWI Charges Filed After Sawyer Co. Deputy Stops Vehicle Going 25 Over

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 | by Ben Dryden |

Charges of felony 4th offense operating while intoxicated have been filed in Sawyer County Circuit Court against a Webster, WI woman after a deputy stopped her while she was allegedly traveling at 80 miles per hour (mph) in a 55 mph zone.

Carrie Wolfe is facing charges of Class H Felony OWI 4th Offense, Class H Felony Operating With a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration 4th Offense and Misdemeanor Operating While Revoked after the vehicle she was driving was pulled over on January 20, 2018, at around 5:30 PM by a Sawyer County Sheriff’s Deputy. 

According to the criminal complaint filed against Wolfe, the deputy was on a patrol shift on State Highway 27 and saw a vehicle approaching as it traveled around a corner at 80 miles per hour towards the deputy’s squad car. The vehicle was within the deputy’s lane of travel when he saw it, and then it slowed down and swerved back into its own lane.

The deputy pulled the car over and identified the driver as Carrie Wolfe. Wolfe allegedly told the deputy that the speedometer in the vehicle was broken and that she had no idea she was traveling so fast. 

When the deputy ran a check of Wolfe’s driver’s license it was confirmed that her license was revoked. The criminal complaint states that the deputy had to explain multiple times to Wolfe that it is against Wisconsin law to drive a vehicle while your driver’s license is revoked.

There was a male passenger in the vehicle with Wolfe, and she allegedly stated that she was driving because the passenger was blind in one eye and has a hard time seeing outside of daylight hours.

Wolfe was placed under arrest for the violation of driving with a revoked license and after she was transported to the Sawyer County Jail, she agreed to take a breath test. The criminal complaint goes on to state that the test of Wolfe’s breath yielded a result of .16, twice the legal limit.

At a bail bond hearing on January 22, 2018, Wolfe was placed on a $1,000 cash bail bond. If Wolfe posts her bond, she will be subject to conditions to include cooperation with the Sawyer County STOP program which involves daily testing of either breath, blood or urine; maintain absolute sobriety; no drug use without a valid prescription; and she may not be on the premises of any establishment which services alcoholic beverages.

At this time, it is believed that Wolfe remains in the custody of the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department. She is scheduled for an Initial Appearance on her OWI charges in February 2018. 

Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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