Drug Charges Filed Against Two Persons Involved in High Speed Chase of Stolen Vehicle

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 | SawyerWire |

Charges have been filed against two persons involved in the high-speed chase on Dec. 3, 2017, that resulted in seizure of 18 grams of heroin and a stolen truck out of Minneapolis.

Michael Coupe Jr, 26, is charged with possession of heroin with intent to deliver and Davine Wade is charged with possession of narcotics, schedule II, Hydrocodone pills.

The criminal complaint states that a Sawyer County Deputy was traveling north on Hwy K near the Grindstone Creek Casino at approximately 3:55 a.m. when he observed a red pickup truck travelling southbound on County Hwy K. The Deputy observed that the pickup had no front or rear license plates. The Deputy noted that a sliver colored car was following the pickup and appeared to be travelling with the pickup.

The deputy reported that he was able to pass the silver car and get behind the red truck. After activating his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop of the pickup, the pickup accelerated at a high rate of speed and began to flee from the Deputy, the complaint states.

The complaint further states that the deputy pursued the truck at speeds of up to 70 to 95 mph down County Hwy K, and during the chase, the vehicle crossed the center line and nearly into the ditch on multiple occasions.

“We continued through the Northwoods Beach area at approximately 80 mph,” the deputy reported. “The vehicle continued westbound on Hwy K passing the Waterfront Bar & Grill still maintaining dangerous speeds with my emergency lights and siren activated.”

The deputy reported in the complaint at that time two deputies and a city of Hayward police officer were en route to his location but were still some distance away.

The complaint further stated that the pickup proceeded to the intersection of County Hwy K and County Hwy KK, and turned southbound onto KK where the pickup came to a stop.

The deputy got of his squad and yelled loud verbal commands when an adult male passenger in the pickup got out and ran to the side of the road. He was holding a small child who turned out to be six-years-old. The operator of the pickup then drove away from the location on County Hwy KK towards a dead end, while the Deputy remained with the adult male and small male child. The deputy reported that he knew KK was a dead and back up was still five minutes away.

The deputy noticed the male subject was Michael P. Coupe Jr. age 26, and that he had a felony warrant from the Department of Corrections.

Coupe had prior felony convictions of fleeing an officer in 2013 and substantial battery with intent to harm in 2014, which he was found guilty on July 8, 2016, and sentenced to 90 days in jail with Huber and 3 years of probation, and he was fined $10,957 in restitution to Hayward Area Memorial Hospital.

While patting Coupe down the deputy felt a large bulge in his right front pocket which the deputy immediately recognized to be a plastic bag of possible narcotics, a brown powdery substance that the deputy believed to be heroin. The amount was determined to be approximately 18 grams.

According to the complaint, the deputy asked Coupe who was driving the truck and he said he didn’t know, only that it was a female named Amanda who he just met in the Twin Cities. The deputy said he didn’t believe him. The deputy asked him if he had a phone number for the girl and he didn’t. The deputy then asked if he could find her on Facebook, and he said he couldn’t.

The deputy then told Coupe that he wasn’t being truthful. Coupe then asked what the deputy could do for him as far as what he found in his pocket, and the deputy said there wasn’t anything he could do for him. Coupe said he wasn’t going to tell the deputy who was driving because it had no benefit to his current situation, the deputy reported.

According to the complaint, Coupe was able to get a relative to come and pick up the child as it was quickly becoming a dangerous situation for a small child to be. Coupe was advised that the deputy would be forwarding a report to Sawyer County Health and Human Services.

Other units arrived while Coupe was being arrested, according to the complaint, including a Washburn County deputy. A Hayward police officer supplied spike strips for the deputy to lay down at the end of KK in case the truck got away from them because that was the only way out of the road.

The deputies found the red truck at an address on Park Lane off Hwy KK and began a search of the area for the driver. Moments later, according to the complaint, the deputy still at the corner of Hwy KK and K noticed the same silver car from earlier drive onto Hwy KK from K and the deputy noticed the driver from prior law enforcement contacts as Casey McKnight, 22, who was revoked for operating while intoxicated. At that time the red pick up truck was confirmed to be a stolen vehicle out of Minneapolis.

According to the complaint, the deputy then advised the other deputies that the silver car was coming down KK and was possibly there to pick up the driver of the red truck.

“After approximately 5-10 minutes I then heard a vehicle traveling northbound on KK approaching my location,” the deputy reported. One deputy reported to the other that he was traveling northbound on KK, but the vehicle coming was traveling faster than the posted speed limit, and the other deputy knew where the spike strips were lying.

“As the vehicle got closer I was able to determine it was the silver car driven by Casey McKnight. I did not have time to take the spike strips out of the roadway and the vehicle driven by McKnight accidentally ran over the spike strips making contact with the spike strips on the passenger side tires of the vehicle,” the deputy reported.

The silver car was subsequently located by other Sawyer County Deputies on County Hwy K, approximately one mile from Hwy KK, pulled into a driveway in an attempt to conceal itself, according to the complaint. McKnight was arrested for Operating after Revocation and Obstructing an Officer.

An adult female was located hiding in the trunk of the silver car. The female was identified as Davine M, Wade, age 19. She was taken into custody on an active arrest warrant. Located in the trunk where Wade was hiding were approximately three pills in a prescription pill bottle that was scratched off, according to the complaint. The pills were later identified as Hydrocodone, a schedule II narcotic. Wade was charged with possession of narcotics.

K9 units from the Spooner Police Department and Washburn County Sheriff’s Office searched the area and found no other subjects.

Once at the sheriff’s office, McKnight chose to answer questions. He told deputies that he got a phone call from Wade asking him to come pick her up at a friend’s house on KK, according to the complaint. He said he did not know the address and he did not know of anyone Wade would know on KK.

The complaint further states Wade was waiting near a mailbox for him on KK. He also told deputies he found it suspicious when he saw the deputy at the corner of Hwy KK and K.

The complaint also said McKnight told them Wade and her ‘home boy’ ‘Mike Mike’ arrived in the Hayward area from the Twin Cities about two hours prior to the initial pull over attempt. McKnight knew Wade was driving a newer red truck but didn’t know how she got the vehicle, but found it suspicious that she had a newer truck.

The deputy said he recognized the nickname Mike Mike as a known alias for Michael Coupe Jr.

Wade said she would answer questions but first wanted to know what her charges were. The deputy advised her that tentatively her charges were recklessly endangering safety, fleeing and eluding, possession of narcotics, receiving stolen property, party to a crime, obstructing and her warrants. Wade became upset and wouldn’t answer questions, according to the complaint.

The following day warrants to retrieve DNA samples from both Wade and Coupe were signed by Judge John Yackel, and DNA samples were also taken from the red truck. The incident remains under investigation.

Coupe is scheduled to appear on the possession of heroin with intent to deliver charge January 2, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

Wade has her initial appearance on January 8 at 11:30 a.m. on the possession of schedule II narcotics. Both Wade and Coupe remain in the custody of the Sawyer County Jail.

Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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