Hayward City Council Approves Annexation Plan for 10-Home Development

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 | by Joe Morey |

The Hayward City Council unanimously approved annexation of a plot of land alongside Davis Avenue at its monthly meeting on Monday, December 11. The land currently resides in the Town of Hayward.

A pair of local developers petitioned the council to annex the wooded lot so they could proceed with plans to build 10 single-family homes in the area across State Hwy 77 from Walmart.

Chuck and Tracey Gunderson purchased the land from the heirs of Bud Davis. Chuck will be the general contractor on the development and his partner, Trent Johnson, will be the builder of the homes. Their wives, Tracey and April Johnson, will handle the selling of the properties through Remax of Hayward.

Gunderson told the city council that one neighboring property owner, Joe Farone, was glad they will be putting in homes and not an apartment building.

“There is a strong need of young professionals in Hayward who are looking for something like this,” said a Remax representative. “They want a home and they want to be in town.”

Gunderson said they plan to keep a perimeter of woods so that the buyers feel they are in the country, but live in the city. He also said they plan to put a road through the development.

The property being annexed is described as follows;

“All that part of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, Section 22, Township 41 North, Range 9 West, located in the Town of Hayward, Sawyer County, Wisconsin, lying South of Davis Avenue and West of the following described parcel of property, more particularly described as follows;

A part of the Southeast ¼ of the Southeast ¼ , Section 22, Township 41 North, Range 9 West, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the Southwest corner of a parcel 435.05 feet East from the Southwest corner of the Southeast ¼ Southeast ¼; thence running variation North 8610’ East along the South line a distance of 87.01 feet; thence running variation North 57’ West, a distance of 293.6 feet to the South right of way line STH 77; thence running variation North 6534’ West, along the right of way line a distance of 98.8 feet; thence running variation South 57’ East along the West line a distance of 338.5 feet to the point of beginning.”

The land has a population of zero and is completely owned by the four signers of the petition to annex submitted to the city council, Charles and Tracey Gunderson and Trent and April Johnson.

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