Hayward Library Kicks Off Campaign to Raise $2 Million

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 | by Joe Morey |

The Hayward Library Foundation kicked off their “Bridge to the Future” campaign to fund the Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library in perpetuity, Foundation President Tom Burgess said at a press conference on Monday, December 4, 2017.

Burgess said the Foundation Board called the press conference to share the news of their challenging plan, a Bridge to the Future, to raise a $2 million endowment by the year 2020, and income from its investments will, “Provide needed funding to perpetuate this valuable community asset for future generations.

“We are only one of two libraries in the entire state that isn’t funded by its city,” Burgess said. “fortunately, the county board has partnered in the operations of the library by providing a portion of annual operating costs. For 2017, it was about 43% and for 2018, there will be some additional help. The rest outside of small revenue streams from book fines, conference room rentals and other inside sources must come from fundraising efforts and monies taken annually from a surplus in the original building fund, and that fund is predicted, unfortunately, to be depleted in just a few years at the present rate of use of the funds”

Burgess said, “We are asking businesses, organizations and individuals to join in our campaign.” “These brick and mortar buildings are the cornerstones to our communities,” said State Rep. Beth Meyers, 74th Assembly District. “They provide technologies available for people who are looking for jobs, a service for people going to college, and to bring us all together.”

Meyers stressed how important it is to read to our kids. She added that she is a resident from Bayfield County but comes to the area often and visits the library.

“This is a wonderful thing you are doing here in Hayward,” Meyers said. “I am very pleased to be here today to help you kick off this campaign. Thank you for what you do for your community.”

Meyers presented a donation to the Foundation to help with the kick off.

Sawyer County Administrator Tom Huff said one of the things the county board does is fund the library, and this year they had a healthy discussion and decided to increase that funding.

“The board recognized the value this facility has in this community,” Huff said. “It’s nice to see private individuals step up and help. It’s great your kicking off this campaign and looking ahead.”

The library director, Molly Lank-Jones, said some people think libraries are going away because of current technologies.

“That’s not happening. Libraries adapt,” Lank-Jones said. “We have so many opportunities to be involved in our community and we are still relevant.”

Lank-Jones said the library has become a community center.

“Our meeting room is scheduled 365 days a year, even when the library is closed,” Lank-Jones said. “We have to continue these services. With the help of the Hayward Library Foundation’s campaign, we hope to do this well into the future.”

Dennis Clagget, whose family once owned Herman’s Landing, presented the Hayward Library Foundation with a check for $10,000 to help kick off the campaign.

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