Hayward Superintendent Reports School District Moving in the Right Direction

Thursday, December 21, 2017 | by Joe Morey |

Hayward Community School Superintendent Craig Olson reported that the District is moving in the right direction and has made positive gains over the past 15 years. The school is meeting expectations, he reported at the Hayward School Board meeting on Monday, Dec. 18, held at the LCO Tribal Office Peter Larson Room.

Olson reported that under Act 32, the District is getting their building projects underway and expect to have them done by the end of January. Olson said it has kept them busy because they had to move on the Act 32 funds under Walker’s current budget.

“Trane, Inc. has done a great job working with us,” Olson said. Trane, Inc. is the company the school board recently contracted with to install the new heating system for the District.

Olson also reported that through donations, the school would buy new IPads, and other equipment. Olson is encouraging parents to talk with their students about the “What’s Your Plan” initiative. “This is going very well. I find that I can ask any student at any grade level what their plan is, and they have an intelligent response,” Olson said. “Once we can figure out their plan, we can help provide them a roadmap.”

Olson also reported on a workshop that 13 staff members attended in Turtle Lake on Nov. 27 that addressed American Indian student achievement gaps.

“We talked about ways we can close the gap in Native American student achievement,” Olson said. “We’ve put a lot of effort into this because we want all of our kids to achieve at the same level.”

He also talked about LCO Vice Chairman Jason Schlender coming to the school and talking to staff from both the middle school and high school. “It was a cultural responsive-type training,” Olson said.

Hayward School Board President Linda Plante said there is so much going on at the Hayward School District that, “We all want to see all of our students succeed.”

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