Kolumbus Heads New Program to Help Young Men

Friday, December 1, 2017 | by Nicole Smith l LCO Communications Director |

LuAnn Kolumbus is the new Gwayako-Bimaadiziwin Project Director, this three-year grant was written by the Lac Courte Oreilles Grant Department, Booki Wielgot and Roy Jonjak. The grant was written after a survey was taken that focused on men from ages 18 to 24. The results showed that these men showed low performance rates when it came to graduating and employment.

There were only five of this type of grant available in the United States and Lac Courte Oreilles was one of the five that was fortunate enough to be granted this great opportunity.

This new grant under LuAnn, will hire a male activities coordinator that will work with several men in the LCO community that have agreed to assist as mentors to a group of young men and teach them how to harvest wild rice, hunt, spear, trap and many other traditional teachings that they may have been disconnected with or may have never learned growing up.

The project hopes to recruit 25 men that fall within this said age group, the mentors will work closely with this group of men and teach them the cultural and traditional practices that are part of Ojibwe people.

"One of the really great things about this grant is that its looked at from a trauma informed basis," said LuAnn.

LuAnn said that this is a great resource that ICW, CCS and mental health can use to refer young men in the community to.

"The goal is to introduce these men to Ojibwe culture but to also get them healthy" said LuAnn. Congratulations LuAnn, we look forward to seeing this great new program!

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