Lake Hayward Trail Closes After Snowmobiles Go Through the Ice

Monday, January 29, 2018 | SawyerWire |

After a January thaw on Friday, Jan. 26, two snowmobilers went through the ice on Saturday morning about 10 a.m. just off shore on a staked trail that crosses Lake Hayward. The snowmobilers went into open water where the trail enters the lake off Railroad Street behind Marketplace Foods.

The two sledders were reported to be okay and were able to get their sleds out of the water. They were part of a group from Minnesota, according to law enforcement.

Law enforcement officials put up yellow tape and closed off the Lake Hayward trail access from three entry points, including Railroad Street, the city beach and Duffy Road.

The Sawyer County Snowmobile and ATV Alliance reported that after the warm temperatures on Friday, trails are in fair to good condition, depending on the area. They reported that groomers are back out on the more heavily traveled trails after temps cooled down again and trails set back up.

“In the open and around some corners they are getting some icy and bare spots. Some areas on the lakes have gotten a bit icy as well,” the Alliance reported.

The area on Lake Hayward where the sledders went in is an area that often opens up in the winter due to shallow springs.

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