LCO B&G Club Youth and Teen of the Month for December

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 | Submitted by Nicole Smith l LCO Communications Director |

Francis Taylor

Francis is 11 years old, her middle name is Maxine and attends the Hayward Middle School. Francis favorite color is turquoise and her favorite animal is a dog. When Francis was asked what was her favorite food she said Chicago style hotdogs.

If Francis could live anywhere in the world she said it would be New York. Her favorite movie to watch is Spongebob, and the last movie she saw was Hercules. Francis favorite subject in school is language arts and her favorite game to play is color switch.

When asked if she could have one superpower, Francis chose invisibility. Francis said her favorite super hero hands down is Wonder Woman. When Francis grows up she would like to be an entrepreneur. Lastly, Francis said her two favorite things about the Club are all the fun activities that are offered for her to do and being able to have fun in the gym with all her friends.

Savannah Quarderer

Savannah is 12 years old and attends Lac Courte Oreilles School, her middle name is Rosalee. Savannah has two favorite colors blue and pink and her favorite animal is a dog. Savanah said her favorite food to eat are indian tacos and her favorite app to use is musically.

Savannah said her dream car is a Tesla and her favorite song is 'I Fall Apart' by Post Malone. Savannah's best friends are Cierra and Kryra. Her favorite TV show is Riverdale and she loves to play volleyball.If Savannah could live anywhere in the world she would choose Hollywood, California.

The last show Savannah said she watched was 'The Good Doctor', and if Savannah could have one wish she said she would choose 10 more wishes. Lastly, Savannah said she sees herself in college with her friends. Two favorite things that Savannah likes to do at the club are being surrounded by all the nice and kind staff members and being able to hang out with all her friends in one place.

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