LCO Boys and Girls Club Youth and Teen of the Month

Thursday, November 16, 2017 | From LCO E-News |

Aimee Sweats

Aimee is 10 years old and attends Lac Courte Oreilles Elementary School. Aimee loves blue, and her favorite animal is a Wolf. Aimee's favorite food is Pizza! Aimee's middle name is Renee. Her best friend is Aniyah! If Aimee could live anywhere in the world she would live in Flambeau.

Aimee's favorite move to watch is Willy Wonka, which is also the last thing she has seen! If Aimee could have any car in the world she would have a black van. Her favorite song to listen to is Wild Flower and her favorite subject in school is Art. Aimee's favorite game to play is Subway Surfers.

If Aimee could have one superpower it would be fire! When she grows up she wants to be a teacher! Lastly, Aimee's 2 favorite things about the Club are all the fun things to do in the art room, and getting to participate in Stride, where she is known to be able to answer 50 questions correctly in ten minutes!

Hailey Banuchie

Hailey is 16 years old, she goes to the Hayward High School. Hailey's middle name is Lorraine. Hailey's favorite color is Yellow, her favorite animal is a Panda, and her favorite food to eat is Macaroni and Cheese. Hailey's favorite app to use is Instagram.

Hailey's dream car would be a white Jeep Wrangler. Her favorite song is "What Lovers Do", by Maroon 5. Hailey's best friend is Coral Benton, together they are like Batman and Robin, Hailey of course being Batman. Hailey's favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy, and her favorite sport to play is Softball.

If Hailey could live anywhere in the world she would want to live in Paris, France.The last thing Hailey watched was Planet of the Apes. If Hailey could have one wish she would choose to get rid of all the hate in the world. In 5 years, Hailey sees herself married, with a good job, and kids. Hailey's two favorite things about the Club are playing Guitar Hero and being able to hang out with the older and younger kids.

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