LCO Toys for Girls and Boys A Huge Success

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 | by Nicole Smith l LCO Communications Director |

This year's LCO Christmas Toys for Girls & Boys program was a huge success due to the overwhelming support of our community. With the inclusion of teens this year, the program was able to serve over 600 children ranging in ages from birth to 17 years old and helped over 250 families stress just a little less over the holiday season.

"It's so great to see our community come together and be so generous and giving," said Ariana Johnson, Program Coordinator.

This event would not be possible without the generous donations and volunteering from the following places and people: LCO Tribal Government, Program Coordinators Ariana Johnson and Susie Taylor, LCO Elders Association, LCO Public Works, LCO Housing Authority, Pineview Funeral Services, LCO Casino, Thrivent Financial, Vice Chairman Jason Schlender, Michael Serio, LCO Police Department's Officer Sams, along with all of the community members who graciously donated toys, money, and their valuable time to this great cause.

The positive feedback from many community members and participants made the hard work and dedication of the volunteers all worth it. It's the hopes of the coordinators that this program and the support of the community will continue for many years to come.

Volunteers: (Back Row L-R) Patty Harrington, Ariana Johnson, Jean Barber, Shaylena Corbine, Theresa TwoBulls, Susie Taylor (Front Row L-R) Wesley Johnson, William Johnson, McKai Taylor, Jody Quaderer, and Trinity Stone

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