Traffic Stop Leads to Heroin Charges and Capture of Wanted Man

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 | SawyerWire |

Two people have been charged in Sawyer County Circuit Court with possession of narcotics after a traffic stop on the LCO Reservation the night of November 11, 2017, at 8:10p.

Jimmy Lee Dennis, a passenger in the vehicle wanted in Burnett and Sawyer Counties on previous warrants and a Department of Corrections warrant, has been charged with possessing heroin and obstructing an officer by giving a false identity during the stop.

The driver of the vehicle, Chantel Saddler, was also charged with possession of heroin after she was arrested for driving after revocation due to an OWI conviction.

The criminal complaint filed on December 4, 2017, states a Sawyer County deputy made a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling south on County Hwy E on the reservation near the intersection of County Hwy K. The vehicle had a headlight out.

The deputy observed a male passenger wearing a black hoodie pulled up around his face, according to the complaint.

“The male would not look at me and just faced forward looking in front of him,” the deputy reported. The passenger said he didn’t have an identification card. “I then caught a glimpse of his face as he put his head down and recognized him to be Jimmy Lee Dennis.”

The complaint further states the deputy was familiar with Dennis through previous contacts. The deputy said, “hi Jimmy,” and he replied, “I’m not Jimmy, my name is Vincent Stevens.”

Dennis supplied the deputy with a birthdate for Stevens. The deputy had dispatch run both names, Stevens and Dennis, and provide photos for both individuals. After viewing the photos, the deputy confirmed the person in the car was Dennis.

According to the complaint, Vincent Stevens came back clean and it was confirmed Dennis had a warrant in Sawyer County for misdemeanor theft and previous felony charges of possession of narcotics filed in September of this year.

Dennis also had a warrant for his arrest from Burnett County for drugs that were found in his residence during a search after a roommate, Phyllis Belille, was charged for supplying prescription pills to students at the Siren High School. reported on this story on November 3 of this year.

“A container was located which tested positive for methamphetamine along with some gem packs. According to online circuit court records, charges of Class I Felony Possession of Methamphetamine and Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia have been filed against Dennis,” DrydenWire reported.

DrydenWire also reported multiple other criminal cases are also pending in Burnett County Circuit Court against Dennis, charging him with 2 counts of Class H Felony Take and Drive Vehicle Without Consent, 1 count of Class F Felony Burglary of a Building or Dwelling, Misdemeanor Theft of Movable Property, Misdemeanor Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, and 3 counts of Misdemeanor Issuance of Worthless Checks.

The Sawyer County deputy placed Dennis under arrest for the warrants and obstructing an officer. The deputy also placed Chantel Saddler under arrest for driving after an OWI revocation.

Saddler also had charges placed against her during the search of her Siren home where she lived with Dennis and Phyllis Belille.

Officers found a case containing marijuana in another bedroom of the residence which was identified as belonging to a woman named Chantel Saddler. Online circuit court records indicate that Saddler has been charged with Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana, DrydenWire reported.

During the arrest, the deputy took possession of Saddler’s purse and the backpack belonging to Dennis. Upon arrival at the jail, the items were searched.

According to the complaint, “In her purse was a black and tan leopard patterned coin purse zippered pouch. We found four silver color foil packets in it that were folded in a square shape. I immediately recognized from my training and experience that these were ‘bindles’ that are commonly used to store heroin.”

The complaint further states that a light brownish colored powdery substance was found inside the ‘bindles,’ believed to be 2.6g, but has been sent to a State Crime Lab for testing.

When confronted about the heroin, according to the complaint, Saddler denied the heroin was hers and said a friend just gave her the purse two days before. During the time of the traffic stop, two other persons were in the back seat of the vehicle who were not wanted for any crimes. Saddler told the deputy the heroin belonged to the female passenger and that both the female and male passenger in the back seat were doing heroin earlier that evening. According to the complaint, Saddler told the deputy that if she had searched the vehicle and the two persons, he would have found a lot of heroin on them.

After searching the backpack belonging to Dennnis, deputies discovered a loaded hypodermic needle commonly used for ingesting drugs. The needle had brownish clear fluid in it confirmed to be heroin after being tested.

Jimmy Lee Dennis is scheduled to appear in court January 9, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. in the Sawyer County Courtroom.

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