Leroy Butler Makes it to Birchwood

Friday, November 24, 2017 | by Elora Repman, 9th Grade l Birchwood News |

Editor's Note: The following article appeared in the Birchwood News, a publication that covers school and community news put together by staff and students at Birchwood High School.

Former Green Bay Packer Leroy Butler came to Birchwood to give a anti bullying orientation. He spoke to all of the Birchwood student in the afternoon and he also spoke to the community later that day. But did you know that he was bullied when he was a kid. When he was younger Leroy couldn't walk. He was in a wheelchair for most of his life. During this time in his life most kids didn’t want to hang out with him. He said “ It is a blessing from God. Without Him I couldn't walk.”

He also stated the he had to have the right mindset to be able to go from not walking to being a Green Bay Packer. Most of his positivity came from his mom. Everyday she would push him to be great. Leroy has reached over 40 different schools in the past year. He plans on reaching as many as possible. He only plans on giving the presentation in the United States. He states that he loves going to schools and giving this presentation because he can really relate to the kids that have been bullied. Mr.Butler knows what these kids are going through and he knows how hard it can be to be in that kind of place. His biggest inspiration is his mom. She was always there for him. He says that is how he became who he is. Its because of his mom.

After the presentation Leroy wanted to have one-on-ones with some of the Birchwood students. These student were randomly chosen and Leroy got to know alittle about each and every one of them . They each even got a signed copy of his book. Ninth grader, Katielyn Cayzer said, “ It was really fun to meet a former Green Bay Packer player because meeting a famous person is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Before he became a Packer he played for Florida State. That is where he started his football career. He says that it was very weird coming up to Wisconsin with the snow and the cold but he loved how nice the people were. Through the Packers Leroy learned a lot about leadership. “Having leadership is very important to have.” he states. He also learned how much his high school and college teachers have taught him.

One of his favorite experiences with the Green Bay Packers was “Winning the Super Bowl.” he says. He also loved being apart of a team. He said, “ Once a Packer always a Packer.” To this day he will still hang out with his former team mates. Mostly Reggie White. He says that one of his most memorable moments is when he first did the Lambeau Leap. “It was completely accidental.” The first feeling that he had was astonishment. He had no idea what just happened but he kept doing it because it made people happy. Right before he retired from the Packers he was put into the Hall of Fame. “ It was a great feeling. It was nice to be shown there as the best.” The whole school was very thankful that Leroy came in to talk with the school. Thank You Leroy Butler for coming and taking to the Birchwood School.


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