Nine More Charged with Multiple Felonies in Justin Gordon Check Forgery Case

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | SawyerWire |

Nine more Sawyer County residents have been charged in the widespread check forgery case that resulted in 19 felony charges against Justin Gordon of LCO, earlier this month.

The latest criminal complaint states a total dollar amount of $33,026.52 of checks were cashed in the case against Justin Gordon and all of his accomplices.

A felony count of Unauthorized use of an entity’s identifying information or documents and a felony county of uttering a forgery were filed in Sawyer County Circuit Court against each of the nine persons named in the complaint, who include Renae Nicole Gordon, 29, Andy Shannon, 36, Robert Corbine, 46, Johnny Ray Smith Jr., 37, Angelina Blackdeer, 30, Chalice Wade, 20, Kelly Bridget Martin, 36, Denelle Sharlow, 48, and Robert Thayer, 38.

The new complaint states that a Sawyer County Sheriff’s deputy and Hayward city officer were contacted by Marketplace on November 15, informing them about more fraudulent checks that had been cashed under the account name of Bugo Ganay Giishig, Inc. company.

Three of those checks were cashed by Robert Corbine, two of them by Louis Gordon and another by Carrie Enoch. Those checks were cashed between the dates of August 16, 2017 till August 19, 2017, according to the complaint.

The complaint further states that charges of two felony counts also be filed against the following individuals; Mary Ellen Corbine, 66, Carrie Ann Enoch, 33, Casey McKnight, 22, Vanessa Hamilton, 25, Denise Hamilton, 49, Betty Jane Belille, 60, Belinda Guibord, 30, Anthony Stephenson, 54, and Travis Burch, 35.

These additional charges will bring the total persons charged in this widespread check fraud case to 21, including Justin Gordon, Louis Gordon and Kathy Isham.

Hayward Police Officers added more information to the criminal complaint from their investigation into the checks being cashed around the Hayward area.

On October 19 an officer met with Johnson Bank to receive two checks that had been cashed from Native American Financial Services, one of the accounts set up by Justin Gordon, and they were cashed by Patrick White for $990.50 and James Fairbanks for $400, according to the complaint.

On October 20 the Hayward officer met with Hayward Community Credit Union to receive more cashed checks. The officer was informed that in May, the credit union had reported some fraudulent check activity they believed was related to the current activity.

The new checks were also made out from the account of Bugo Ganay Giizhig, Inc. Those checks were made out to Mary Ellen Corbine for $950 and Andy’s Painting and Power Washing for $584.79, according to the complaint.

The complaint further states that the Hayward officer went to Walmart on October 23 to retrieve video of check cashing incidents. Those videos were of five separate persons cashing fraudulent checks, which included Belinda Guibord, Betty Belille, Robert Thayer, Chalice Wade and of Chalice Wade again.

On November 6, the Hayward officer was contacted by Marketplace Foods and informed of several more checks, according to the complaint.

The complaint states that in May of 2017, there were many other forged checks involving Justin Gordon that were passed at many Hayward area businesses. The businesses mentioned in the complaint include Chief Lake Lodge, Cable Triple G, Holiday Gas Station, Subway, Long Branch, LCO Quick Stop, and MGS.

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