Rep. Edming Votes to Advance Welfare-to-Work Package

Friday, February 16, 2018 | Press Release |

MADISON – Today, Representative James Edming (R – Glen Flora) voted in favor of the 10 bill Wisconsin Works for Everyone Package during a special session of the legislature. This package promotes accountability, encourages personal responsibility, prevents fraud and abuse, and gets people into the workforce.

“It is important to provide support for folks who are in need,” said Rep. Edming. “However we also need to make sure that people who are receiving public assistance are given the tools they need to work their way off these programs and into a job that will allow them to provide their families and build a better life.”

This package builds on the past success of welfare reforms in Wisconsin and takes these reforms to the next level. The bills in this package are designed to give people the training or treatment they need to gain employment and support themselves and their families.

“As I travel around the 87th Assembly District I see businesses everywhere with help wanted signs in the window,” said Rep. Edming. “With Wisconsin’s unemployment rate at a historic low, we need everyone who is able to work to become a part of our workforce and keep our state’s economy strong.”

This package of bills was approved by the Assembly and now moves on to the State Senate for further consideration.

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