Sawyer County Administrator One of Three Finalists for Chippewa County Job

Monday, December 18, 2017 | by Joe Morey |

According to an article appearing in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram this morning, Sawyer County Administrator Tom Hoff is one of three finalists for the same role in Chippewa County.

Hoff was in Chippewa Falls on Thursday interviewing with the county board, department heads, staff, business leaders and the media in a two-day interview process, the article stated. The county board hopes to have their new Chippewa County administrator hired and on the job by mid-February.

The article went on to say Hoff, 56, is a UW-Eau Claire graduate who worked in Eau Claire for 25 years as the city’s financial services manager. In 2015 he became the full-time Sawyer County administrator.

“I enjoyed my time (in Eau Claire), and I was looking for a new challenge, which I found in Sawyer County,” Hoff said.

The article states Hoff said a recruiter called him and pitched him the Chippewa County position. “I wasn’t looking for new employment,” he said. “I enjoy my job in Sawyer County.”

In Sawyer County, Hoff oversees a $25 million budget, including a $10 million levy. Hoff believes he has the credentials and background for the Chippewa County position, according to the article.

Hoff told the Leader Telegram, “The challenges of what they want the administrator to do, I can do that and take them through the process. I think it’s my years in government and being a county administrator, running the day-to-day operations of the county.”

Hoff couldn’t be reached for comment this afternoon.

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