School Fight Leads to Conviction on Child Abuse Charges

Thursday, January 11, 2018 | SawyerWire |

A 20-year old Hayward woman, Kaeleigh Sullivan, was sentenced on Dec. 18, 2017, to three years of probation and 40 days in jail with 40 days time-served after pleading no contest to felony charges of Child Abuse, Intend Bodily Harm and Substantial Battery, Intend Bodily Harm, and a misdemeanor charge of Possession of THC.

Misdemeanor charges of Operating While Suspended, Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Possession of a Controlled Substance, 2 counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and 2 felony counts of Bail Jumping were dismissed and read in as part of the plea agreement between Sullivan and the district attorney’s office.

As part of the sentencing and conditions of probation, Sullivan must attend AODA counseling, is required to attend school regularly and have no contact with the victims. Sullivan also has to pay $4,800 to one of the victims for restitution and she must pay $592.56 to the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office for extradition fees. She is also fined $73.50 and must pay a DNA surcharge of $200.

According to the criminal complaint, on Sep. 21, 2015, Sullivan was involved in a fight with another student in the gymnasium at Hayward High School. The complaint stated that Sullivan and another female had both made Facebook status updates that led to the altercation.

The complaint further stated that Sullivan approached the other female and began hitting her. A cell phone video was captured of the event and the school resource officer reported that in the video, Sullivan swung first, and the other female did attempt to swing back.

According to the complaint, the female victim had a small cut on her cheek and some bleeding from her ear.

The victim was 15 and Sullivan was 17, which resulted in a felony child abuse charge against Sullivan.

On Dec. 3, 2015, LCO Police responded to an incident on Quaderer Road in Stone Lake where Sullivan and a male individual were arguing, and according to the complaint, Sullivan went into a bedroom and started punching the male in the head and back. The male tried to grab Sullivan in a hug to get her to stop hitting him, the complaint stated, and she continued to hit him, even standing on top of him, when another male individual came into the room who tried to stop Sullivan, at which time she came back up with an elbow and caught him in the mouth, knocking out two of his teeth.

In this case, Sullivan was charged and found guilty of substantial battery with intent to cause bodily harm.

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