Stone Lake Cranberry Fest Donates to Ventures Unlimited, Inc

Thursday, March 1, 2018 | News Release |

Stone Lake Cranberry Fest recently donated $1,000 to Ventures Unlimited, Inc.  The Stone Lake Cranberry Fest organization raises money during their annual Arts and Craft festival held annually on the first Saturday of October.  

This year, Ventures Unlimited participants and staff donated their time to the Cranberry Fest by acting as servers during the annual Cranberry Fest Dinner and by cleaning up after the dinner.  

Over 30,000 people visit Stone Lake during the craft fair and it's by far their biggest fundraiser.  In the last 3 years alone the Stone Lake Cranberry Fest has been able to donate $100,000 to local area youth and not-for-profit organizations.

 L/R: Terry DeSmith, Kristin Frane, Director Ventures, and Luke Kupsch.

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