This Graph Shows the Average Tax Refund in Every State

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | |

Everyone dreads tax season, but at least there’s one thing to look forward to – your tax refund! Every year, the federal government gives back hundreds of billions of dollars to taxpayers who paid too much. But not all taxpayers receive the same amount. Take a look at our map below to see the average tax refund in every state.

In the map above, states are split into four groups depending of the size of their average tax refund. Dark green states have average tax refunds over $3,001, light green states between $2,751 and $3,000, light blue states between $2,501 and $2,750 and dark blue states between $2,300 and $2,500. The data were collected from the IRS and

Top Five States by Tax Refund Size

  • Texas: $3,133
  • Oklahoma: $3,088
  • Louisiana: $3,073
  • New York: $2,986
  • Connecticut: $2,958

Bottom Five States by Tax Refund Size

  • Maine: $2,302
  • Oregon: $2,342
  • Vermont: $2,348
  • Wisconsin: $2,367
  • Montana: $2,367

In 2017, the IRS returned $324 billion back to taxpayers. According to IRS data, the average tax refund was $2,895 per taxpayer. But that’s just the average. The refunds received by taxpayers varied significantly between states and was within a range of between $2,302 and $3,133.

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