Town of Hayward Searching for a New Police Chief

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | by Joe Morey |

The Town of Hayward is accepting applications to fill its Chief of Police position vacated by former chief, Doug Mrotek, who was appointed as Sawyer County Sheriff in September.

Town of Hayward Chairman Jeff Homuth said the town is taking applications until December 4.

“This position is perfect for someone who may be closer to retirement, maybe someone looking to relocate to the Hayward area,” Homuth said. He explained that the Town of Hayward Chief is a full-time position focused more on enforcement of town ordinances, but does occasionally back up the sheriff’s department.

The full time chief position patrols the township during the day shift, Homuth said. “There are a couple of part-time officers who fill in underneath the chief when that person isn’t on patrol, such as days off or vacations,” Homuth said.

Doug Mrotek said the chief is someone who assists the town clerk and the town board with alcohol licensing, “Anything to do with follow up and making sure licensees aren’t convicted felons. The chief also enforces building permits, traffic laws on the town roads, especially in the spring with truck overloads.”

Mrotek said the sheriff’s department is primarily responsible for traffic and criminal laws within the township, but the town chief will assist when they are backed up.

“It’s definitely a position that really helps improve safety for the town residents and assists the governing body to make sure ordinances are followed,” Mrotek said.

To inquire about the position, contact the town clerk, Bryn Hand, at 715-634-4123.

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