Tribal members oppose changing LCO Casino name to Sevenwinds

Thursday, November 16, 2017 | by Joe Morey |

In May of this year the management of the LCO Casino announced to the members of the tribe they would be changing the name of the casino to Sevenwinds Casino Lodge and Convention Center.

At the meeting, the casino marketing team presented a new logo which consisted of a side view of an Eagle flying to the right and the eagle's body and wings alternate with the colors red, yellow, black, and white.

In a Facebook Poll on September 18, LCO tribal members by a wide majority said they opposed changing the name to Sevenwinds. The vote was 139 against, with only 11 voting for the change and eight undecided.

Another said, “When I hear that name, I automatically think of the Four Winds Market the St. Croix Tribe has. I don't think Seven Winds will stick, consumers will still call it ‘The LCO Casino’, because that’s what it is. I feel it was a waste of marketing dollars.”

Dan Cross, owner of the B&D Café, said “Won’t be a fortune 500 hundred company so I think changing the name is a waste of time and money. Our area is too small on hoping to draw in more people to play in our small town casino. But it would be nice to be a destination resort/casino.”

Frank Miller, Sr said, “We Should build an amusement park, that might draw in some business. A name change won’t change much.”

Denise King said, “I'm in agreement that the name will not do much to draw the people to our casino. We need an attraction builder like maybe the first indoor water park, there isn’t one up this way. I know when I have little kids and go to Ashland I want to always stay at the hotel with the water park.”

Many tribal members commented to, “Change the management, not the name,” if they want to fix things.

Mona Ingerson, a representative from the LCO Elders Advisory Council, told the tribal governing board the Elders felt they had nothing to do with the name change or logo change.

“It doesn’t represent LCO,” Ingerson said. “The symbol is not reflective of who we are, and a lot of people don’t like the new symbol.”

Ingerson said the Elders are asking the tribal governing board to go back to the drawing board. Chairman Louis Taylor told the membership meeting the name change and logo is only a proposal and it can be revisited.

Tribal Council member Don Carley said he feels we need to keep our identity as LCO. “The name change should have been approved by the people. TGB didn’t even approve the name change, it was all done at the casino management level. I would respect the tribal members’ wishes and keep our name.”

Carley also said there are a lot of rumors going around that the casino was sold, but he said that’s simply not true and the tribe still owns their casino.

LCO Vice Chairman Jason Schlender said he likes the new name. He said the logo catches your eye. “I wore a tee shirt we got from marketing to the Mall of America and I got a lot of compliments. People were asking where they could get one. The shirt stuck out,” Schlender said. “I trust marketing and that’s their expertise."

Tribal Member Michelle Beaudin said the new logo looks like Japanese origami.

One tribal member commented on the poll about the current logo, “That's our tribal logo. Thought we are supposed to be proud of that.”

The tribe has applied for trademark on the name and logo, but there is no indication of when the new logo and name change will be implemented or if the tribal governing board will revisit the change.

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