We Now Live in a World That Has Goat Yoga

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 | by Ben Dryden |

Yep, you read that correctly - Goat Yoga. And apparently, this has been a thing for a little while now.  

According to the "original" Goat Yoga Facebook page, founded by Lainey Morse in July of 2016, their mission "is to provide an experience that improves your mental and physical health by combining Goats and Yoga."

"Have Ya Herd", in River Falls, Wisconsin, came up when did a quick google search for Goat Yoga. Their website states that the owners "quickly bonded with the animals and learned that others love the goats as much as they do. As their collection of goats started to grow, they decided to take this love and make it available for everyone. That's where the idea of a goat yoga “studio” was born; combining the relaxation of yoga, and the calmness and cuteness of the goats."

We first heard about Goat Yoga when watching one of our favorite morning shows, CBS Sunday Morning

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