Winter High School Student of the Month for October

Monday, November 13, 2017 | Winter High School |

Winter High School is proud to honor our October Student of the Month, Mr. CJ Blair. CJ, son of Garry and Amy Blair, has been described as reliable, hard-working and analytical in nature. He is a Sophomore at WHS and is someone you can always count on to follow through. After high school, CJ plans to continue his education. He is looking at programs in the diesel technician field – either at technical colleges or within an apprenticeship program.

Here at Winter High School, CJ has been involved with the Drama Club. He helps with the lights and sounds crew. CJ is a general leader, is keenly aware of others and has a great sense of humor. Lately, he has been spending much of his time helping set up and get the new school greenhouse started. CJ had to help manage a group of students during the set-up and he learned a lot in the process. It will be exciting to see it up and running, especially with CJ’s helping hands!

In his free time, CJ likes to spend time ATV riding and small game hunting. He likes to hunt any small game, but especially rough grouse. He also likes to work; CJ spends a lot of time working at the greenhouse in town, mowing lawns, working in the garden, cleaning and helping anyone in need. He volunteered to help fundraise for his class when others were not always willing or able.

CJ has a very fair and inquisitive mind; he is the type of student who carefully considers things and reliably comes to conclusions. One of the neatest things about CJ is that he is always willing to challenge himself and improve when needed. He is always aware of where he is at academically and sets personal goals to achieve. Oh, and you can also always count on CJ to have an opinion in any discussion about cars or trucks!

CJ is a great candidate for the honor of Student of the Month. He embodies “the warrior way” in so many ways! We are proud of our Winter Warrior, CJ Blair!

CJ Blair is October Student of the Month

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