Winter Student of the Month is Brianna Harris

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 | Winter High School |

Winter High School is proud to honor our final student of the month for 2017, Ms. Brianna Harris. Brianna, daughter of Gidget Harris of Radisson, has been described as a hard-working and respectful student. She is a Sophomore at WHS with a strong work ethic and great sense of humor.

Brianna’s teachers would describe her as happy and helpful. Staff members appreciate her calm demeanor and her willingness to help out. When a fellow band-mate was not able to perform, Brianna bravely took over her major parts in order to make sure the performance went on without an issue. She only had eight hours of notice and she did great! In addition, she is a solid student in Social Studies, currently with a perfect grade in the course!

Brianna has been involved in a number of activities here at WHS in addition to band. She was involved with basketball and volleyball last year, as well as drama where her part certainly showed her giggly side! Brianna is also currently taking a business course that will earn her college credit, as her grade is top notch. She asks great questions, takes a genuine interest in her studies and has a positive attitude in class.

In her free time, Brianna enjoys spending time with animals, especially her horse Sweetie. At school she even incorporates horses and other animals into her projects, any chance she gets.

Brianna likes to hang out with friends, go to movies and play card games – her favorite right now is called “dutch blitz.” Currently, though, she spends much of her time working at McDonalds in Hayward where she really likes to cook the fries!

We are proud of our Winter Warrior, Brianna Harris, and how she demonstrates the Warrior Way every day!

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