Winter Student of the Month is Carol Ann Herndon

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 | Winter High School |

Winter High School is excited to honor our November student of the month, Miss Carol Ann Herndon! Carol Ann, daughter of David and Tiffany Herndon has been described as a sweet and extremely enjoyable student to be around. She is a Sophomore at WHS who shows her thoughtful and kind side each day.

Carol Ann’s teachers would describe her as a fun student to work with. She is quick to say hello in the hallway, and typically is the very first in the morning to do so! Carol Ann always has a smile to share. Her considerate nature makes her the type of student we know we can count on to lend a caring hand, engage in conversation and make others feel comfortable. Last year, she spent an afternoon listening to Chinese music with an exchange student and going out of her way to make the student feel relaxed in a new place.

In the classroom, Carol Ann works hard and always tries her best. She has been involved with several school activities and is always a good sport when it comes to helping and participating with things like homecoming and winter fest. She is also in the Choir where she can be heard singing out regularly, never timid or afraid to be heard. She is a great asset to the choir and to the Winter School District as a whole.

In her free time, Carol Ann enjoys watching movies and playing on her tablet. Her favorite movie is The Fault in Our Stars, a tear-jerker for sure! Carol Ann also enjoys walking Alvin, her mom’s tiny little yorkie.

You can count on Carol Ann to be agreeable and helpful in almost any aspect of her life! We are proud of our Winter Warrior, Carol Ann Herndon. She demonstrates the Warrior Way every day!

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